Holst Interviewed in North Scott Press

Holst Interviewed in North Scott Press

“What I will bring to the board is a guarantee that I will read and research any policy, resolution, agreement and purchase that warrants an extra look. I want transparency and to build trust that I am the taxpayers’ advocate.”

April 2, 2012 РAll the candidates appearing on the democratic and republican primary ballots were profiled recently in the North Scott Press.  Diane was interviewed by Eric Chalus. Excerpts of her interview are below. A scan of the full profile is available here: NSP.Interview.April02.2014

Holst has never sought public office before, but after the county entered into an inter-governmental agreement to join the Scott Emergency Communication Center to the tune of two $10 million bonds ($28 million after maturity), she felt compelled to get involved.

“The county didn’t do anything outside of their authority,” Holst said. “But all of that was done without a public referendum. I vowed at that time that I was going to get involved. A political office is not what I am after. I am more interested in ensuring we have a representative government, and I want to fill that role.”


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