Holst Endorsed by River Cities Reader

Holst Endorsed by River Cities Reader

“Every blue moon the stars align to produce a candidate for public office who is the real deal. Taxpayers are fortunate enough to have just such a candidate for the Scott County Board of Supervisors in Diane Holst.”

“….the current Board of Supervisors protects the needs of the bureaucracy more often than the needs of residents. This is seen with such cavalier mid-year budget increases over $700,000. There was no discussion, just perfunctory approval as usual. The Scott County budget has doubled over the past 14 years, while population growth has been only 5 percent. So where is all this money going, but to enlarge government programming?

Electing Diane Holst will give Scott County residents a new confidence that at least one supervisor is actually supervising. Vote the person, not the party, and elect a non-politician to this critical seat on the Scott County Board of Supervisors in the primary election on June 3. It could very well be one of the most important votes you ever cast. The role county governments play in implementing massive new federal programming is enormous.”

Full article available here: http://www.rcreader.com/commentary/vote-for-diane-holst/

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