Holst Addresses Supervisors & Sustainability Plan

“The sustainability plan is a public relations tool used to sell sustainable development to the community. People are told the plan was developed from the ground up, from citizen participation. The fact is, according to the report, you have had 25 people participate in this exercise, in a population of 166,000 people. That’s zero point one five percent participation.

It’s unlikely that the board, or even those that participated in the development of the sustainability plan, were aware of what they were led to consider, was …

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Holst’s Unanswered Questions at Emergency Management Agency Public Hearing

“Why am I here? Nothing that has happened so far gives me faith that you are watching over our tax dollars. When you have a uncapped levy, nothing will control it. There will always be enough money. You’ll never be afraid to pass the budget, because there will always be the money. What’s happened to date, makes me realize, the taxpayers have to watch over this. And that’s why I am here today.”

February 1, 2011 – Diane Holst, from Eldridge, Iowa, addresses the non-elected EMA …

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