Will Prove a Supervisor Can Do More Than Advocate More Spending – RC Reader

Will Prove a Supervisor Can Do More Than Advocate More Spending – RC Reader

[Excerpt from the article published online in the River Cities’ Reader October 29, 2014 and in print October 30th, by Kathleen McCarthy. Original article, click here: http://www.rcreader.com/commentary/holst-and-narcisse-offer-opportunities/.]

“Too much of what the county does occurs with virtually no knowledge or input from the public, whose tax dollars pay for every cent of its activities. Too many local, state, and federal politicians have the attitude that they need not read, let alone grasp, the rules, regulations, and legislation they enact. In fact, many prefer not to, because if it goes unread, how accountable can they really be held?

Holst asserts that, whether voters are Democrats or Republicans, they all should care about property rights and taxation with honest representation. Her most ardent promise to us is to read all documentation relative to the agenda items before her. She will not vote on anything she hasn’t fully researched or doesn’t thoroughly understand.

After five years of showing up, she deserves the opportunity to prove that an elected county supervisor can actually do the job of representing residents versus strictly advocating the professed county-government spending needs.

We deserve to be properly represented for our hard work that provides the essential monetary contributions to county governance. Ask yourself why Scott County, whose population has grown only 5 percent in 14 years, has doubled the taxes it collects and spends over that same time period”

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