Holst’s Questions Addressed at SECC911 Board Meeting

Why do the radios on walkie not work in Buffalo? We were told in April that the Buffalo issue would be resolved by RACOM. What steps are you taking, and when do you expect this to be fixed?

Has the $14K BDA been installed at Hillendale, and has it resolved the problem?

Where are the areas around the County that you’re relying on NPSPAC?

Has there been a “due date” set with the Vendor, New World Systems, for the CADS/RMS system to be working correctly?

Thursday, August 18, 2011 …

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Holst Addresses Supervisors & Sustainability Plan

“The sustainability plan is a public relations tool used to sell sustainable development to the community. People are told the plan was developed from the ground up, from citizen participation. The fact is, according to the report, you have had 25 people participate in this exercise, in a population of 166,000 people. That’s zero point one five percent participation.

It’s unlikely that the board, or even those that participated in the development of the sustainability plan, were aware of what they were led to consider, was …

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